Healing from the Southwest - French Version (Ebook & PDF Format)


I'am very happy today to show you my journey with this book, first of all

for my children & family and of course for those who are interested, in paper or digital format.

This is absolutely not a guide, I just show my spiritual way through my travels and my photography

a long work between 2011 and today.


Annie Van de Vyver ...

She passed away in january at 72, she was a good person and she was my author

for Healing From the Southwest, your words will be unfading.



Here is the Ebook format for Kindle

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126 Pages (12,99 $)


Here is the format in PDF with a PREVIEW of the book.
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The Traveler's Rest


It was  my 15th trip in the Southwest, Utah & Arizona.

As always, I would like to thanks the people who following me in october :


- Velisha Clyde

- Chris Atwood

- John Mumaw

- Jerry Otto

- Randy Langstratt

- Dana & Cindy Hollister




Healing from the Southwest


Welcome to Annie Van de Vyver

working with me

on the book "Healing From The Southwest"

Here is the preview :



" Dans ce paradis, là, où si peu de gens passent,
un endroit retiré tout en haut du canyon,
un aigle et un corbeau s’y étaient rencontrés,
fascinés qu’ils étaient par ce site magique,
imprégné de l’esprit des anciens de ces lieux.


Deux âmes égarées, frère et soeur spirituels,
construisent dans le temps une rare amitié,
mais qui tout doucement s’essoufflait dans le vent.
Et les poussières d’étoiles devenues souvenirs,
dans le grand sablier, composent le Présent. "


« La vie, cycle sans fin, où chacun porte la responsabilité de ses propres actions. »




The Traveler's Rest


It was my first time in late winter in the Southwest,

I saw many beautiful sunset, hiking in the snow, meet wonderful people.


I spend time in Canyonlands, Cedar Mesa, North Grand Canyon & in Navajo Nation.

Un grand merci aux personnes suivantes qui m'ont fait oublier

la dure réalité de nos vies pour 2 semaines ...

C'était fantastique, thank you !


- Chris Atwood

- John Mumaw

- Jerry Otto

- Randy Langstratt

- Dana & Cindy Hollister


The Traveler's Rest


This trip, my 13th last June was the most difficult for many reasons ...

Like always, I would to thanks the people

who follow me this year.


Jerry Otto

John Mumaw

Randy Langstraat


Bernard Vandendriessche (without his presence, this adventure would be canceled ...)




Although this message was personal, I wanted to publish it because it gives me a lot of healing and light, thanks Annie-Rachel Van de Vyver !!


"I think what you are doing is particularly impressive and touching : to offer to the world the spectacle of a vanished past that remains only these few traces.
Thank you


I imagine all the efforts that this represents: the anxieties, the financial, physical, moral difficulties, the worries of the family too ...
Continue, you have an artist's eye.


If I can say something, flee the hypocrite, the grumpy, the envious, the jealous people and answer them only by silence, they deserve nothing more.
And you, continue your beautiful and rich adventure! "



Bears Ears National Monument


Today President Obama (before Trump Government), Proclaims Bears Ears National Monument.

For many years I explore with many hikers or alone this land, we hike in so many great sites,

with pictographs, preserved Ruins and Kiva, spend good times in the wilderness.


I'am very glad to be a part of this, with one document who was sent to the White House for Sally Jewell a couple of months ago, to give an exemple of the beauty of Cedar Mesa & for preserving.

So now when I will see the new sign of the National Monument,

I will thinking "I do something good"


Congratulations to Friends of Cedar Mesa



Virgin River Program Calendar



My photo of a hike in Parunuweap in April 2013 near Zion National Park

was selected in another contest, for the May month.

I'am very glad because it's for the preservation of nature in Utah,

not for money, always for a great cause.

This calendar is distributed to schools, agencies & the public for teaching and preserving the Virgin River and the Landscapes.





This was my best trip ever,

I would to thanks the hikers who followed me in my adventure :


Josh Ewing (Monsieur Friends of Cedar Mesa)

Jerry Otto (Monsieur Baba Beer) and his entire family

John Mumaw and his stick (Monsieur le Baton)

Cynthia (The Texas Queen of Cedar Mesa)

Randy Langstraat (Monsieur Adventr Co)


You are the true artists of the Southwest !

Un grand merci, see you next year ...




Battle for Bears Ears - American Archaeology Magazine Fall 2016


This is one of the numerous Ancestral Pueblo cliff dwellings found in the Bears Ears region. Many of these archaeological sites are unprotected.


Here is the cover with The Screamer Ruins - The Sanctuary

for a noble cause.


The Article - The Bears Ears Controversy is included inside the magazine,

with Josh Ewing & Bruce Hucko photo.


Some of my photos are on this link in the bonus images (internet preview) for the story :



United States Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell in Bluff July 16

For the future National Monument


 Here is my personal photo of the "Big Foot Ruins" and one Landscape for this huge news,

I'am always honored, especialy when I can help FCM and protecting my favorite land.

I can't join you but I'am always here, with my spirit, in the Bears Ears Area ...




Bears Ears' Biggest Moment: Secretary Sally Jewell will hold a public meeting on July 16th at the Bluff Community Center to hear local perspectives on protecting Bears Ears. Your vocal advocacy is utterly crucial. Join hundreds of other passionate Friends and express your support for Bears Ears: be in Bluff on July 16th.


Amanda Nichols (Friends of Cedar Mesa)


Friends of Cedar Mesa Calendar Photo Contest 2017


Two of my personal photos was selected for the FCM 2017 Cedar Mesa Calendar.

After the bummer of the 05 June in the daily Washington Post Journal & one confidential publication,

The Screamer Ruins (The Sanctuary) is finally published, and my big Man Panel photo too.


I would to say my grateful & appreciative thanks for Josh Ewing & Amanda Nichols for our commun support for preserving The Bears Ears & Cedar Mesa.


This is the year for the future National Monument !



When all beyond was wild



Esplanade Arizona (October 2015)
Esplanade Arizona (October 2015)


Here are our date for our next adventure in Esplanade & Cedar Mesa :

We plan to landing at Denver the 02 October & returning in France the 24 October.


Silence is one of the greatest treasures of the desert.


Dont forget to look at my photography section of France.

I have the chance to live above beautiful sites & architecture, sharing beauty is my way.



 If you are interested by purchase some of my photos or something else , you can contact me :



                                                           Pray for Paris - Pray for our Future


Je voulais rendre hommage aux victimes des terribles attentats commis dans mon pays

ce week end dernier par le biais de mon site qui parfois peut se révéler comme un journal intime.


Je tenais a remercier mes amis américains pour leurs encouragements, leurs gentillesse et leurs mots.

Et la solidarité de tous, les signes d'amitié des citoyens du monde.


Je suis profondément choqué et anéanti ...


Une personne qui a partagé une partie profonde de ma vie est morte au Bataclan

Cela faisait 16 années que je ne l'avais revu

mais sa joie de vivre et son sourire, sont toujours présent dans ma mémoire ...


Repose en paix Précilia Correia

Kee Kay Whooa Gaan


Rien ne sera plus jamais comme avant !





I had a magical journey in Peponi with reverance and (like always) with beautiful people :

My father, Dr Terry Swanson, Cynthia Alias Blue Jeep Red Rock, Josh Ewing, Amanda Nichols

& Connie Massingale.

Tim Coats, I promise you, I will not miss you the next year !!!!


I spent time here with no regrets, like the last days of my life, like a grain of sand as all we are...


When I close my eyes
I am at the center of the sun
And I cannot be hurt 
By anything this wicked world has done


The real life is always around us, the reason, and we must forget some of our inaccessible dreams

But Looking up at the Stars, I know quite well ...



Manic Star - Returning after one year of silence





One day, yes, one day less to live
I want you to be my sedative
Sometimes when I drive my car
I feel trapped like a bee inside a jar


Grains of sand is all we are
Crawling on our manic star
One tiny person in one shiny car
Spinning on our manic star


Time doesn't stop for anyone
It doesn't matter what you've done
I want to lose myself in you
Are you afraid of dying too?


Grains of sand is all we are
Crawling on our manic star
One tiny person in one shiny car
Calling from our Manic Star


Let's love like there is no tomorrow
Shelter each other from the pain and sorrow


Manic Star


Grains of sand is all we are
Crawling on our manic star
One tiny person in one shiny car


Don't know how I got this scar
Crawling on our Manic Star
I'm all right, at least so far

Hanging on our Manic Star
Spinning on our Manic Star
Calling from our Manic Star


Manic Star
Manic Star



Boulder, Colorado Presentation


The "Screamer Ruins" is on the flyer for one presentation by Josh Ewing

(Director of Friends of Cedar Mesa)


I'am very happy to participate & sharing my photos with FCM

& making a compelling case as to the beauty and need for protection.




Friends of Cedar Mesa Calendar Photo Contest 2016



Two of my personal photos was selected for the FCM 2016 Cedar Mesa Calendar.

This honnest & environmental organisation is the best place to share my photography ...


I'am glad to be a part of their fundraising efforts 

and to collaborate for their future Internet campaigns or printed materials.

 Thanks to Amanda Nichols, Josh Ewing & the entire Staff, see you in Bluff in October.




Esplanade Rock Art & Southeast Utah Road Trip



2013 Perfect Kiva
2013 Perfect Kiva


Happy to return with my father after 2 Years (at Peponi).


We plan to landing at Phoenix the 27 September & returning in France the 19 October,

with two newcomer Terry Swanson & Tim Coats in the Circle of Devotee.


This year we will spend time in Arizona

Exploring Grand Canyon Polychrome Pictographs of Mary Allen

and some days (of course) in Cedar Mesa, Escalante, Dark Wilderness Area & The Maze Region.


And finaly, the scary crawl to the Many Roofs.



                                                            Approaching The Bear Ears


For a long time I wanted so much to recreate this unique emotion when I traverses the Comb Ridge the Moki Dugway or the road from Hanksville.


Always for the sacred & the passion of the Rock Art & Ruins.


After so much waiting, traveling from France, I breathe finally when I know I approach the Bear Ears and I recovering my freedom.


You know what I mean, this is our way, our tears of delight, for always !



    The Music Path


Somewhere in Utah (October 2014)
Somewhere in Utah (October 2014)

After 11 years, I get back to my old passion.

The first piece of my new project based of the sacred spirit & the path I have chosen  

... Kawestima ...


"The "Space Hands" is a reminiscence of the Archaic Rock Art of the Southwest

I used Navajo song samples, I have no pretension,

It's interesting to recreate what I saw and felt in Utah, easiest waiting for the next trip ...


I added also old pieces to remind another face of my personality.





This was a great adventure with much unexpected locations

and the final chapter of the trilogy.


Kawestima is here, on my spirit, on my heart, soon  ...


I will return now, once a year, probably three weeks, the next fall

and spend much time in Arizona.


Thanks to Aaron for his archeology passion and his nice wooden stick after the deception day.

"Je n'ai pas dis mon dernier mot" see you next time.


                                                                       The Fall Episode

Returning soon in three weeks at Peponi, it always a pleasure

to see & hike with Connie Massingale

with one newcomer Aaron O'Brien in the circle of friends.


I would be at Price (Utah) on October 5 and Cedar Mesa the 6 until 19

(the date of my return to paris in France).


The spirit of the Many Roofs Ruins is Immortal & Timeless ...






This trip was on the sign of the Circle of Friends, great hiking with well known canyoneers ...

I was very proud of this reunion at Monticello...



Thanks to Bernard & Marie, Connie Massingale, Ray Rasmussen, Peggy & David Peterson,

and finally monsieur Rick Shafer !


                                                            I am very grateful, merci !




                                            Sad news from the best explorer of Cedar Mesa

                                                       Never met, but great respect for him.



Sometime in April, 2014 this website will cease to exist. Nothing to do with illness,

moving away, finances, etc.

Just I'm becoming more and more indifferent to having a presence online in any form.


Currently I have no internet connection at home, find I don't miss it,

and I use a hot spot in town for my infrequent needs.


The personal reasons I began this website in another form over a decade ago

no longer are relevant.

I already eliminated the first 5 Rock Art pages and the first 3 Ruins pages,

which contained older and smaller photos. Gradually I'll phase out other pages.

My internet name 'anasazis.com' will be available in early May, 2014 and I won't renew it.



                                                                                                                     Jim Beard "anasazis.com"



                                                                   The Spring Episode



The date is announced !

It's the second part of our adventure (with Connie Massingale) started in October.


                                       A big Thanks to my wife Joanna and my little Nina                                            


For supporting & understanding me !


I get to Moab on Monday, March 31 and back home scheduled, sunday 13 April.

My father & his friend (for the first time to her) come with me for two days in Cedar Mesa.





Thanks for your happiness

You give me so much positive way & feelings in this trip.           

I will never forget that, it was my best trip ever.


Now its time to say goodbye ... but the Eagle & Raven fly always for us.

Please remember me ... see you next year & take care of you ...


My Anasazi Way

10/08/2013 (Opening Site)

“A man could be a lover and defender of the wilderness without ever in his lifetime leaving the boundaries of asphalt, powerlines, and right-angled surfaces.

We need wilderness whether or not we ever set foot in it.


We need a refuge even though we may never need to set foot in it.

We need the possibility of escape as surely as we need hope, without it the life of the cities                         would drive all men into crime or drugs or psychoanalysis.”


Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire.